Employers need to develop policies and procedures for a variety of purposes. First, it lets workers know what type of performance and conduct is expected. Second, it protects employers in the event a worker fails to follow the policies and is let go. Finally, it details work aspects, such as vacation time, health benefits and pay schedules so that employees spend less time asking questions about those things and more time getting actual work done.

Employee Handbook
Anti Sexual Harassment Policy
Anti Discrimination Policy
Attendance and Punctuality Guidelines
Code of Conduct
Code of Conductivity
Company Cyber Security Template
Corporate Social Responsibility
Dress Code Policy
Drug Testing Policy
Employee Cell Phone Policy
Employee Code of Conduct
Employee Confidentiality Policy
Employee Conflict Interest Policy
Employee Exit Interview Policy
Employee Internet Usage Policy
Employee Referral Program Policy
Employee Relationship Workplace Policy

Employee Remote Work Policy
Employee Smoking Policy
Employee Social Media Policy
Employee Temporary Layoff Policy
Equal Opportunity Employer Policy
Internal Job Posting Policy
IT & Admin Process Flow
Leave Policy
Occupational Workplace Health Safety Policy
Open Door Company Policy
Pets at Workplace Company Policy
Probation and Confirmation Policy
Company Sick Leave Policy
Separation Policy
Sexual Harassment of Women Act
The Whistleblower Policy
Violence at Workplace Policy
Work Home Policy

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