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      All the documents are according to MOHRE law

      COVID-19 (77)

      Email/ Letter To Client For Delay In Delivery Of Product Due To COVID 19

      Email/ Letter To Client For Making Prompt Payment

      Email/ Letter To Client Informing About Initiatives Taken By Company During COVID 19

      Email/ Letter To Client Informing Delay In Service Due To COVID 19

      Email/ Letter To Employee For Notice Of Termination

      Email/ Letter To Employee Informing Them About Company Insurance Covering COVID 19

      Email/ Letter To Vendor Asking For Discount

      Email/ Letter To Vendor For Extention In Time To Make Payment

      Email/ Letter To Vendor To Cancel Order

      Email/ Notice To Client For Not Making Payment

      Email/Letter To Employee For Consent To Reduce Salary/Allowance To Work From Home

      Email/Letter To Employee For Reduction Of Salary

      Email/Letter To Employee To Encash Paid Leave

      Employee Sensitisation Letter/Email

      Home Working – Guidelines for Employees

      Home Working Agreement

      Home Working Application Form

      Letter/Email For Extention Of Time To Pay Rent

      Letter/Email To Landlord Request For Reduction Of Rent

      Letter/Email To Landlord Request For Waiver Of Rent

      Notice To Landlord For Office

      COVID-19 Posters:

       If One is Unwell

       Avoid Touching

       Wash Hands

       Do Not Share

       Social Distancing

       Workplace Sanitation

      Please proceed this way.

      Alert authority if unwell.

      Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.

      Do not ring the bell. Call the concerned person.

      Clean hands, save lives.

      Clean your hands before getting back to work.

      Cover your mouth and nose.

      Please act responsibly.

      COVID – 19 screening.

      Spitting could be dangerous.

      Do not enter if unwell.

      Do not share personal items.

      Do not touch lift walls.

      Do not touch the handrails.

      Gloves and mask needed beyond this point.

      Handshake-free zone.

      Please maintain physical distance.

      Limited entry in lift.

      Line starts here.

      Maintain distance while parking.

      Thanks for practising Social Distancing.

      Masks required beyond this point.

      No visitors allowed due to health safety.

      Please clean hands after using lift.

      Please collect your masks here.

      Please drop off at this point.

      Please exercise extra caution.

      Please sanitize your work area regularly,

      Please use hand sanitizer before entering.

      Please wash hands before returning to work.

      Proper PPE required beyond this point.

      Protect others from getting sick.

      Sanitize your hands here.

      Sink is for hand washing only.

      Spitting in public is a health hazard.

      Stay home if you feel unwell.

      Temperature check mandatory.

      Temperature check station.

      Temporarily closed.

      Please practice social distancing.

      This dustbin is for disposing of medical gear.

      Throw used tissues into closed bins immediately.

      Virus outbreak. Proceed with caution.

      Wait here until asked to step forward.

      Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

      We are open. Order by phone and email only.

      We are open. Take away and delivery only.

      We are permanently closed.

      We are temporarily closed.

      We will bring your order to your car.

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      Hiring Module (11)

      Manpower Requisition
      JD Template
      Employment Agreement
      Interview Guide
      Recruitment Tracker
      Candidate Evaluation Form
      Candidate Evaluation Sheet
      Reference Check Guide
      Offer Letter template
      Non Competence and Non-Disclosure Agreement

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      Recruitment Module (64)

      Interview Questions

      Behavioural Interview Questions
      Brain Teaser Interview Questions
      Common Interview Questions
      Common Interview Questions for Managers
      Communication Skills Interview Questions
      Emotional Intelligence Interview Questions
      Illegal Interview Questions
      Leadership Interview Questions
      Phone Interview Questions
      Second Interview Questions
      Situational Interview Questions
      Stress Interview Questions

      Job interview templates

      Application acknowledgment email
      Email template to request an intake meeting: From recruiter to hiring manager
      Email to successful candidate after interview
      Hiring update email: Recruiter to hiring manager
      Interview availability email
      Interview cancellation email from employer
      Interview confirmation email
      Interview no-show email template
      Interview reminder email template
      Phone interview confirmation email
      Phone interview invitation email
      Recruiting text messages to candidates for different scenarios
      Reschedule interview with candidates email
      Scheduling an interview email
      Second interview confirmation email
      Second interview invitation email
      Sending an interview assignment: example email
      Skype interview invitation email
      Video interview invitation email

      Job offer templates

      Background check update to candidates email
      Contract employee offer letter sample
      Developer Job Offer Letter template
      Formal job offer: Sample offer letter format
      Informal offer letter sample
      Internal promotion offer email
      Job offer email template
      Part-time to full-time offer letter template
      Salary negotiation with candidates email template
      Sales Job Offer Letter template
      Offer letter sample

      Rejection templates

      Applicant rejection letter sample
      Candidate rejection email template
      Candidate rejection letter sample
      Interview feedback to candidates email
      Job application rejection email template
      Post-interview rejection letter sample
      Rejecting overqualified candidates email

      Sourcing templates

      Email from employer to a recruitment agency or external recruiter
      Email template for sourcing a referred candidate
      Internal job posting email
      Keeping candidates warm email
      New job opportunity email to past candidate
      Passive candidate email
      Recruiter introduction to candidates email
      Recruiting bilingual candidates email
      Sourcing developer candidates email
      Sourcing marketing candidates email
      Sourcing military veteran candidates email
      Sourcing sales candidates email
      Sourcing email template

      Referral templates

      Employee referral bonus program announcement email
      Employee referral program sample email
      Employee referrals from external network email
      Refer a friend for a job email
      Employee Referral Program Procedures

      Social media templates

      ‘We’re hiring’ Facebook post template
      ‘We’re hiring’ social media post
      LinkedIn InMail template for recruiters: First introduction to a candidate
      LinkedIn InMail template for recruiters: Sourcing for a specific position
      LinkedIn job posting template
      Twitter job posting template

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      Records & Format (61)

      Employee Master File template
      Acceptance of Employee Apology All Purpose
      Admin Manual
      Stationary Request template
      Warning Notice for Attendance Issues
      Warning Notice for Behaviour Issues
      Warning Notice for Performance Issues
      Warning Notice for Misbehaviour on Specific Date-Occasion
      Job Suspension during Misconduct Investigation
      Post Probation Increment Certificate
      Ad-hoc Designation Change Certificate
      Ad-hoc Increment Certificate
      Appraisal Certificate with Increment and Promotion
      Appraisal Certificate with Promotion without Increment
      Experience or Relieving letter with praise
      Experience or Relieving letter
      Full-n-Final Settlement with Confirmation
      Internship Experience Certificate with Praise
      Internship Experience Certificate
      Lay-off due to CO-BU-Dept Shutdown
      Final Warning Notice for Attendance Issues
      Final Warning Notice for Behaviour Issues
      Final Warning Notice for Performance Issues
      Relieving Letter after Resignation
      Resignation Acceptance General Key Employee
      Resignation Acceptance General
      Resignation Withdrawal for Growth Prospects
      Resignation Withdrawal for Role Change
      Employee Calendar
      Intern-Offer-Letter & agreement
      Letter to Bank
      NOC for tourist visa
      purchase order
      Vendor Agreement
      NOC for Attending Workshop
      NOC for Bank Account
      NOC for Credit Card
      NOC for Double Shift
      NOC for Employees to Work in Other Organization
      NOC for Organizing Event
      NOC for Part Time Job
      NOC for Personal Loan
      NOC for Trainee Student from Company
      NOC for Visiting Abroad
      NOC Letter Format for Department Change
      NOC Letter Format for Job Change
      NOC Letter Format for Studies
      NOC Letter to Employee For Visa
      HR Department Organizational Chart Template
      HR Due Diligence Checklist Template
      HR Presentation Roadmap
      HR Technology Roadmap
      HR Timesheet Template
      Employee Loan Agreement
      Leave Application Form
      Vehicle Use Agreement–Company Vehicles
      Violation Form
      Pre-Interview Format
      Stationery Request Form
      Medical Bill

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      Statutories (45)

      Employment and employee benefits
      Employment status
      Background checks
      Permission to work
      Restrictions on managers and directors
      Regulation of the employment relationship
      Collective agreements
      Minimum wage
      Restrictions on working time
      Holiday entitlement
      Illness and injury of employees
      Statutory rights of parents and carers
      Continuous periods of employment
      Fixed term
      Data protection
      Discrimination and harassment
      Termination of employment
      Procedural requirements for dismissal
      Employee representation and consultation
      Is there any statutory protection of employees on a business transfer
      Employer and parent company liability
      Employer insolvency
      Health and safety obligations
      Taxation of employment income
      What is the rate of taxation on employment income
      Intellectual property
      Restraint of trade
      Relocation of employees
      Proposals for reform
      Compensation For Occupational Injuries
      Concluding Provisions
      Definitions and General Provisions
      Employment Contracts, Records and Wages
      Employment Of Workers Children And Women
      Labour Inspection
      Termination and Severance Pay
      Workers’ Safety, Protection, Health And Social Care
      Working Hours and Leaves

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      Engagement Plan (5)

      Tips for employee engagement
      Mentorship Program
      Employee of the Month Policy
      HR Employee Experience Roadmap
      UAE Calendar 2021

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      Employee Compensation (5)

      CTC Calculator
      HR Department Budget
      HR Payroll Roadmap
      HR Training Budget
      Increment calculation

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      Job Descriptions (1009)

      General Job Descriptions

      Education Training Job Descriptions (105)

      Accounting Job Descriptions (47)

      Healthcare & Medical Job Description (274)

      Administration and Office Support Job Descriptions (100)

      Advertising, Arts, and Media Job Descriptions (57)

      Banking and Financial Services Job Descriptions (38)

      Call Center and Customer Service Job Descriptions (27)

      Community Services and Development Job Descriptions (40)

      Construction Job Descriptions (37)

      Consulting and Strategy Job Descriptions (39)

      Engineering Job Descriptions (40)

      Executive Job Descriptions (17)

      Farming, Animals, and Conservation Job Descriptions (27)

      Insurance Job Descriptions (15)

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      Training Module (18)

      Business Communication – Session A

      Business Communication – Session B

      Business Communication – Session C

      Email Etiquettes

      HR Training Program

      Moon landing activity

      Selling Skills Training


      Teamwork Training

      Telephone Etiquettes

      The 7 Cs of Communication

      Time Management Training

      Training & Development Plan

      Training Announcement

      Training Calendar Template

      Training cost analysis template

      Training Gap Analysis

      Training Needs Analysis Report

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      HR Letters (11)

      Letter For Confirmation Of Existing Employee
      Letter Inviting Employee To Investigatory Interview
      Letter Suspending Employee Pending Disciplinary Investigation
      Letter To Colleges For Internship
      Letter To Employee Confirming Outcome Of Disciplinary Appeal Hearing
      Letter To Employee Confirming Outcome Of Disciplinary Hearing – Dismissal
      Letter To Employee Confirming Outcome Of Disciplinary Hearing – First Or Final Written Warning
      Letter To Employee Confirming Outcome Of Disciplinary Hearing – Summary Dismissal For Gross Misconduct
      Letter To Employee Inviting Them To Disciplinary Appeal Hearing
      Letter To Invite Employee To Disciplinary Hearing
      Termination Of Employment Letter Serious Misconduct

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      Employee Policies (53)

      Anti Sexual Harassment Policy
      Anti Discrimination Policy
      Attendance and Punctuality Guidelines
      Code of Conduct
      Company Cyber Security Template
      Corporate Social Responsibility
      Dress Code Policy
      Drug Testing Policy
      Employee Cell Phone Policy
      Employee Confidentiality Policy
      Employee Conflict Interest Policy
      Employee Exit Interview Policy
      Employee Internet Usage Policy
      Employee Referral Program Policy
      Employee Relationship Workplace Policy
      Employee Remote Work Policy
      Employee Smoking Policy
      Employee Social Media Policy
      Employee Temporary Layoff Policy
      Equal Opportunity Employer Policy
      Internal Job Posting Policy
      IT & Admin Process Flow
      Leave Policy
      Occupational Workplace Health Safety Policy
      Open Door Company Policy
      Pets at Workplace Company Policy
      Probation and Confirmation Policy
      Company Sick Leave Policy
      Separation Policy
      The Whistleblower Policy
      Violence at Workplace Policy
      Work Home Policy
      HR Policy Flowchart
      Bring Your Own Device BYOD Policy
      Canteen Policy
      Child Labour Policy
      Contractor Policy
      Employee Business Expense-Reimbursement Policy
      Environmental Policy
      Fraud Policy
      Gift Policy
      Job Rotation Policy
      Payroll Advance Policy
      Performance Appraisal And Salary Review Policy
      Rewards And Recognition Policy
      Staff Colony Policy
      Transport Policy
      Visitor’S Policy
      Zero Tolerance Policy
      Employee Confidentiality policy

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      Exit Process (7)

      Exit Process
      Leaving Formalities
      Relieving Letter
      Exit Interview Format
      Clearance Form
      Full & Final Settlement Calculator
      HR Resignation Process Flowchart

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      Employee Onboarding (11)

      Onboarding Checklist
      Employee Appointment letter
      Employee Handbook
      Employee Induction
      New Employee Announcement Email
      New Employee Welcome Email
      New Hire Checklist Template
      Job Offer Email
      Company Policies Checklist for New Hires
       Welcoming New employees

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      Performance Management Process (10)

      Performance Management Process
      Performance Review
      Performance Improvement Plan
      Performance Appraisal Letter
      Performance Warning Letter
      HR Analytics Roadmap
      HR Workforce Planning Roadmap
      Performance Development Plan Template
      KRA’s & KPI

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      R&R (3)

      10 Types of Rewards and Recognition
      Star Employee Nomination Form
      40 Ways to Show Love to Your Employee

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