The Complete Employee Policy Toolkit For HR Professionals

The StartupHR Toolkit’s versatile employee policy template is just perfect. If you are a startup, you may find it rather expensive to have a full-fledged HR software in place, but you can use StartupHR Toolkit for a low starting price and have a complete system in place. It provides the perfect ‘personnel’ touch to your HR operations and empowers employees.


Not all enterprises have the same set of policies for employees. StartupHR Toolkit offers templates for most processes in a standardised format. These can be used as guidelines to customise the template of your company policies.

Imagine what would happen in the absence of standardised policies? The behaviour of the employees will vary. When it is time to apply for leave or travel allowance each employee may do it in their own way, and each case will take up time. There will be no uniformity, and there could be room for favouritism and discrimination. If you define a policy, it means everyone has to adhere to it. The formats and applicable rules are all clearly stated.

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We Have These Customizable Employee Policies

  • Annexures
  • Employee Handbook
  • Anti Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Anti Discrimination Policy
  • Attendance and Punctuality Guidelines
  • Code of Conduct
  • Code of Conductivity
  • Company Cyber Security Template
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Dress Code Policy
  • Drug Testing Policy
  • Employee Cell Phone Policy
  • Employee Code of Conduct
  • Employee Confidentiality Policy
  • Employee Conflict Interest Policy
  • Employee Exit Interview Policy
  • Employee Internet Usage Policy
  • Employee Referral Program Policy
  • Employee Relationship Workplace Policy
  • Employee Remote Work Policy
  • Employee Smoking Policy
  • Employee Social Media Policy
  • Employee Temporary Layoff Policy
  • Equal Opportunity Employer Policy
  • Internal Job Posting Policy
  • IT & Admin Process Flow
  • Leave Policy
  • Occupational Workplace Health Safety Policy
  • Open Door Company Policy
  • Pets at Workplace Company Policy
  • Probation and Confirmation Policy
  • Company Sick Leave Policy
  • Separation Policy
  • Sexual Harassment of Women Act
  • The Whistleblower Policy
  • Violence at Workplace Policy
  • Work Home Policy

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Startup HR Toolkit comprises ready-to-use HR templates for different stages of the HR process. The aim is to help you manage your HR processes independently. The toolkit has been carefully structured and designed by SutraHR based on our experience of managing the HR operations for startups and established companies. You can customize them as per your preferences and needs.

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