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Top 19 HR Software in Dubai, UAE to Boost your Operations

Finding the right HR software in Dubai is an important yet time-consuming task. The right HR software for your company will have cloud-based, automating features that help you save company resources.

The right HR software should be flexible, user-friendly and safe to use. It should be easy to integrate with your legacy systems and have the capability to grow with your company. Implementing the right systems and software in your company will help you save a lot in time and revenue in the long term. However, where should you start?

To make it easier for you to find the right software for your company in Dubai, we’ve gathered the top 19 HR software in Dubai.

What is an HR Software?

HR software is a digital solution to manage and optimize the company’s daily HR tasks and helps the organization grow.

Software helps the Human resource departments to allocate their resources better and time into more productive and profitable efforts. HR software got popular in the 1944s for enterprise usage, today the technology has come further ahead. Most new-age HR software in Dubai are cloud-based, have optimizing features and are highly customizable to an individual company’s needs.

What are the Features that HR Software Provides?

For a number of reasons, HR software is crucial for companies in Dubai and the UAE:

Diverse Workforce Management

Dubai and the UAE are known for their diverse workforce, comprising expatriates from various parts of the world. HRMS software supports businesses in managing this diversity by providing multilingual support and facilitating effective communication among employees from different cultural backgrounds.

Compliance with rules

Strict labor rules exist in Dubai and the UAE. Automating processes like visa processing, payroll administration, and leave administration using HR software helps organizations maintain compliance and avoid legal trouble.

Adapting to Growth

Many enterprises are drawn to the UAE’s developing economy. HR software simplifies the hiring, onboarding, and employee engagement processes, assisting businesses in thriving and luring top personnel in a cutthroat market.

Employee Satisfaction

Happy and engaged employees are more likely to contribute positively to a company’s success. HRMS software often includes self-service features that allow employees to access their records, apply for leave, and update personal information. This empowers employees, enhances their experience, and reduces the administrative burden on HR teams.

HR Software in Dubai Pricing List 2023

List of HR Software in Dubai

Base Price

1. uKnowva HRMS $3-4 per employee per month
2. KekaHR $199/month Upto 50 Employees
3. Zimyo Starts from $3 employee per month
4. Gulfhr Call for Pricing
5. Sage HRMS $5.5 per employee per month
6. Paylite HRMS Call for Pricing
7. Clear Company 14 Days Free Trial
8. Bayzat $3 per employee per month
9. Emirates HR Starts from 3500 AED
10. FactsSHARP Starting Price: $5,000
11. Smart HR UAE Call for Pricing
12. PeopleHum $2 per employee per month
13. Akrivia HCM $3 per employee per month
14. Bizhrs $10 per employee/month (Min 20 Employees)
15. Zoho People Call for Pricing
16. greytHR $50/month (Includes 10 employees)
17. DotsHR Call for Pricing
18. DarwinBox Starts from $5 per employee per month
19. ZenHR $5.00 per employee/month

Discover the Leading HR Software Solutions in Dubai, UAE

1. uKnowva HRMS

uKnowva HRMS is a mobile-enabled enterprising platform to scale and automate all HR processes from hire to retire. Right from talent acquisition talent development to talent management and engagement, uKnowva HRMS offers a comprehensive platform to redefine employee experience and take your business from good to great.


With 360-degree, EI & AI-backed solutions, uKnowva HRMS increases your business agility & creates an engaged workforce. Over 3 lakh people across organisations like Delhivery, Kotak Bank, Mahindra Powerol, IDFC First, Yes Bank, Reliance Retail, Prime Focus, Ambit, etc., are currently using our system. uKnowva can simplify your daily tedious HR tasks by 75%, which will make your workflow more effective and efficient.

Features Available:

1. Employee Data Management
2. Recruitment & Onboarding
3. Leaves and Attendance Management
4. Mobile app with Geo-fencing and Geo-tagging
5. Happiness Metre
6. Workflow Automation
7. Probation Management
8. Exit Management System
9. Payroll Management
10. Compliance Management
11.  Expense Management
12.  Performance Management
13.  Projects & Timesheets
14.  Dashboards & Analytics
15.  Social Intranet
16. HR Helpdesk
17.  Document Repository System

Website: https://uknowva.com/
Pricing: Starts from $3-4 per Employee per Month.

2. KekaHR

KekaHR has now globally made a place for itself in the HR industry, and with a compelling set of features that no one in the market can beat, they have also gained the marketplace in UAE. With its strong presence in the UAE market, KekaHR has become the go-to solution for organizations seeking cutting-edge HR solution that delivers unparalleled efficiency and productivity.

Software Features

1. Payroll Management
2. Expense Management
3. Leave & Attendance Management
4. Mobile Application and GPS tracking
6. Recruitment/Performance Management
7. HRIS, MIS & Analytics
8. Onboarding and Offer Management

Website: https://www.keka.com/
Starting Price:  Foundation:$199/month (upto 50 employees)
Strength: $249/month (upto 50 employees)

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    3. Zimyo

    Zimyo is a leading HR software provider catering to businesses in the Middle East, including the UAE, Qatar, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. With over 40 comprehensive modules, Zimyo covers all aspects of employee management, from attendance tracking to payroll processing and leave management.

    Their cloud-based solutions streamline HR processes, boost productivity, and enhance the employee experience. Whether you’re a small or large business, Zimyo offers efficient tools for workforce management.

    Software Features:

    1. Time & Attendance Management
    2. Employee Self Service
    3. Workflow Management
    4. Recruitment Management
    5. Policy Management
    6. Compliant with tax and laws (Middle East)
    7. Training and Development

    Website: https://www.zimyo.com/middle-east/
    Starting Price: Starts from $3 employee per month

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      4. Gulfhr

      Integrate your employee attendance and performance with the payroll and other functions. Furthermore, this information can be accessed and worked on remotely.

      The communication language can be completely set in Arabic, making it perfect for the employees in the UAE.

      Gulf HR helps you be compliant with labor laws in the Middle East. Furthermore, it’s system is extremely flexible and allows the client to configure their system while a technical backup is on hand.

      GulfHR has proven its reliance through their extensive client experience and by being the preferred HRMS  in the region.

      Features Available:

      1. Cloud base HR Software
      2. HR Analytics and Metrics
      3. Manage Leaves, Time, and attendance
      4. Payroll Software
      5. Biometrics, Time Tracking, and finance integration
      6. Arabic Interface
      7. Implemented in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, etc.

      Website: https://gulfhr.com/
      Starting Price: Contact Seller

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        5. Sage HRMS

        SageHRMS helps you overcome HR challenges and optimize your HR decisions, strategies and more! SageHRMS provides you with an easy-to-use solution that is ready to grow with your business. The software helps you take strategic decisions for employee-related decisions. This helps your company have less turnover, increase revenue, and better employee engagement. It provides services for payrolls, recruiting and management, time and attendance management, risk mitigation, employee benefits and decision support. It is truly suitable for medium to small-sized businesses.

        Software Features

        1. Core HR with Database
        2. Payroll, Leave, Time and Attendance
        3. Shift Scheduling, Save pre-defined shift
        4. Timesheet, Approval flows, Project timesheets
        5. Expense Recording, Reporting
        6. Recruitment, Schedule Interviews, Onboarding
        7. Performance, Goals / OKRs, 360 feedback

        Website: https://sage.hr/
        Starting Price: $5.5 per employee per month

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          6. Paylite HRMS

          Paylite HRMS is a centralised HR software. It has several unique features like a multi-company setup with a multi-accounting period, employee loan accounting and payroll integration, multi-level data security, and more. However, it is best known for its simplified functioning approach, localization and integration with NAV, Oracle, JD Edwards, SAP and several other popular ERP systems. They are available in Arabic and English interfaces. No wonder they are the number 1 choice in the GCC region. Thereby a top HR software in Dubai.

          Software Features:

          1. Payroll, Track Salary, Deductions, Allowances
          2. Real Time attendance, Holiday list
          3. Shift, Overtime, Late Request, Absent Request, etc
          4. Recruitment, Vacancy, Applicant Tracking, interview etc.
          5. Manage Visa Records, Visa Renew
          6. Payroll History, Employee Directory
          7. Available in Arabic

          Website: https://www.paylitehr.com/
          Starting Price: Contact Seller

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            7. Clear Company

            Cipherbizz is an innovative HR software provider committed to streamlining and optimizing HR processes for businesses. Their platform prioritizes employee engagement, productivity, and performance management. With user-friendly features and advanced analytics, Cipherbizz empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions and cultivate a positive work environment. From recruitment and onboarding to talent management, Cipherbizz offers a comprehensive HR toolset.

            Software Features:

            1. Attendance & Shift Scheduling
            2. Meetings & Events Management
            3. Payroll Analysis
            4. Deductions & Additions inline country policies
            5. Onboarding, Interviews Management
            6. Employee Database & Benefits
            7. AI base HR Software

            Website: https://www.cipherbizz.com/
            Starting Price: 14 Days Free Trial

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              8. Bayzat

              Bayzat is an HR software in Dubai that provides a free automation platform for HR,  payroll and employee benefits. Found in 2013 their mission is to make world-class employee experience available to every small to medium-sized enterprise. The free online platform is designed to streamline and automate most major HR tasks. They believe that the opportunity lies in enhancing the employee experience. In 2019, they raised  $16 million in Series B funding led by Point72 Ventures and Mubadala Capitals. Bayzat was founded by entrepreneurs Talal Bayaa, Brian Habibi and Tarek Bayaa.

              Software Features:

              1. Pay Employee Faster
              2. Create, Adjuct, leaves, and Time off
              3. Attendance, Spreadsheet, Manual Logging
              4. Shifts Schedule, Goals, Performance
              5. Letters Request
              6. Manage Data in one Place
              7. Work Expenses, allowance

              Website: https://www.bayzat.com/
              Starting Price: Contact Bayzat Team

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                9. Emirates HR

                Another popular free to use HR platform is Emirates HR. It was designed specifically for the UAE and the GCC region. It is known for its cloud applications catering to the human resource department. The platform is created for small to medium-sized companies, educational institutes, government agencies and multinational entities. Their unique offering lies in the fact that they provide Benefits Management, Compensation Management, Onboarding, Payroll Management and Time Off Management all in one place. It is no wonder they are available in 30+ countries.

                Software Features:

                1. HR Admin
                2. Leave and Attendance Management
                3. Documents Management
                4. Application Tracking System
                5. Company Directory, Task Notification, Reports
                6. Onboarding and Offboarding
                7. Mobile App

                Website: https://emirateshr.com/
                Starting Price: Starts from  3500 AED

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                  10. FactsSHARP

                  FactsSharp is one of the top HR and payroll software in Dubai. They provide human resource solutions in Payroll Management, WPS Compliance, Wage Protection Systems and more. FACTS Computer Software House LLC provides solutions to improve workforce management and efficiency. They have a powerful reporting and intelligence tool embedded in their application.

                  Software Features:

                  1. Employee Self-Service Portal
                  2. HR and Payroll
                  3. Expense Reimbursement, Asset Management
                  4. Learning and Talent Management
                  5. Performance Appraisal and Review
                  6. Interview Schedules, Onboarding
                  7. Database Management

                  Website: https://www.facts.ae/hr-and-payroll-dubai/
                  Starting Price: $5,000

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                    11. Smart HR UAE

                    HRMS UAE is a software company which is known for its cloud-based HR software service. They claim to be “Middle East’s No. 1 HR Solution”. They focus on UAE, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai customers. Few of their top services include Payroll outsource services, employee self-service and their HR management services.

                    Software Features:

                    1. Payroll, Calculation, Expenses Management
                    2. Advanced Time and Attendance Tracking
                    3. Employee Benefits & Document Management
                    4. Performace Appraisal
                    5. Mobile App for Remote Access
                    6. HR Analytics and Reporting
                    7. Task Management

                    Website: https://www.hrms-uae.com/
                    Starting Price: Contact Seller

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                      12. PeopleHum

                      PeopleHum offers a cutting-edge HR software solution designed to revolutionize HR management for businesses. With a holistic approach, their platform emphasizes employee experience and provides performance tracking and talent acquisition features. PeopleHum aims to optimize HR operations and foster a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring a seamless HR journey for employees.

                      Software Features:

                      1. HRIS
                      2. Simplify time and attendance
                      3. Apply, approve & manage leave
                      4. Manage multiple shift patterns
                      5. Recruitment, ATS, Onboard
                      6. AI & Analytics
                      7. Employee Engagement

                      Website: https://www.peoplehum.com/
                      Starting Price: $2 Per Employee Per Month

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                        13. Akrivia HCM

                        Akrivia HCM offers a dynamic HR software solution that simplifies and streamlines HR operations. Their platform encompasses talent acquisition, performance management, and employee self-service. Akrivia HCM empowers organizations to optimize their workforce and drive productivity through efficient HR processes. With a focus on scalability and flexibility, it caters to the needs of growing businesses and effectively manages human capital.

                        Software Features:

                        1. Statutory & Tax Compliance
                        2. Employees’ Loans and Advances
                        3. One-Click Final Settlement
                        4. Manage Income Tax
                        5. Statutory Receipts
                        6. Forms and Reports
                        7. Rewards and recognition

                        Website: https://akriviahcm.com/
                        Starting Price: $3 Per Employee Per Month

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                          14. Bizhrs

                          Bizhrs is one of India and UAE’s biggest HR and payroll software providers. They have just one mission to upgrade their clients’ experience globally; with the help of the Bizhrs software, you can easily manage your payroll processing transparently, along with statutory compliances and reimbursement management. They provide you with a complete employee lifecycle. The software ensures you can manage all your HR processes with just one centralized software.

                          Software Features:

                          1. Payroll, One Click Salary, Auto Calculation
                          2. Statutory Reports
                          3. Expense Claim
                          4. Documents Management
                          5. Leave Management
                          6. Track & Asset Management
                          7. Time Tracking with Geolocation

                          Website: https://bizhrs.com/
                          Starting Price: $10 per Employee/month (Min 20 Employees)

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                            15. Zoho People

                            Zoho believes in automating every part of HR processes so that you do not have to spend hours managing their Excel sheets. They have a very simple and easy-to-use interface, and the best thing about this is that it is now providing its services in UAE as well. Zoho People provides a reliable solution that lets HR professionals focus on strategic initiatives instead of manual work.

                            Software Features

                            1. 360-degree customer view
                            2. Employee Management
                            3. Unified Business Insights
                            4. Embedded BI
                            6. Data Integration
                            7. Performance Management
                            8. HR Analytics

                            Website: https://www.zoho.com/people/
                            Starting Price: Contact Seller

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                              16. greytHR

                              greytHR has been providing its services for 25 years and is one of the most trusted companies. A software that helps you implement complete end-to-end HR solutions in your organization, not just in India but also in UAE. You are in the right place if you are looking for a cost-effective HR solution with complete HRMS.

                              Software Features

                              1. Employee Self-Service Management
                              2. Attendance management
                              3. HR & Payroll
                              4. Multiuser Login & Role-based access control
                              6. Data Integration
                              7. Arrears Calculation
                              8. HR Analytics
                              9. Pay-as-you-use with a low monthly fee
                              10. 100% statutory compliances – PF, ESI, TDS & Labor Law

                              Website: https://www.greythr.com/
                              Starting Price: $50.00 per month

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                                17. DotsHR

                                Dotshr is a reputable provider of HR payroll software solutions specifically tailored for the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). Built a good reputation as one the best HR software providers in Dubai, having assisted over 1000+ companies in implementing their top-notch HR software. Dotshr’s software stands out for its combination of creative design, sophisticated functionality, and user-friendly interface. It enables businesses to manage all their HR duties with just a few clicks, making complex HR processes simple and efficient.

                                Software Features:

                                1. Payroll Approval
                                2. Full and Final Settlement
                                3. Multiple Shifts, Project Based Time Sheet
                                4. Attendance Management
                                5. Additions/Deductions, Loans, And Advances
                                6. Biometric Integration
                                7. Performance, Boarding, HR Letters

                                Website: https://www.dotshr.com/
                                Starting Price: Call for Pricing

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                                  18. DarwinBox

                                  Imagine an HR system that takes care of all your HR activities, from HR policies to complete end-to-end HR features like employee lifecycle, attendance, employee self-service, and more that is DarwinBox for you. DarwinBox is always changing and updating its software to provide its clients with the best experience.

                                  Software Features

                                  1. Core HR
                                  2. HR Payroll
                                  3. Management Employee
                                  4. Time Attendance
                                  5. HR Workflow
                                  6. Expense And Travel Management
                                  7. Reports And Analytics
                                  8. Employee Helpdesk

                                  Website: https://darwinbox.com/
                                  Starting Price: $85. per year Up to 100 Employees

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                                    19. ZenHR

                                    At ZenHR, their main goal is to provide users with a sense of calm and confidence. ZenHR is more than just regular HR software; it’s a revolutionary HR solution designed to support HR departments and employees in achieving a state of tranquility and balance. They believe in creating a positive employee experience. That is why they continue to learn and update new software changes to provide their clients with the best experience possible.

                                    Software Features

                                    1. API
                                    2. Activity Dashboard
                                    3. Access Controls/Permissions
                                    4. Attendance Tracking
                                    5. Employee Onboarding
                                    6. Clock In/Out
                                    7. Employee Self Service
                                    8. Payroll Management

                                    Website: https://www.zenhr.com/en/
                                    Starting Price: $5.00 per Employee/month

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                                      Frequently Asked Question

                                      Q1: What are the key features of HR software used in Dubai?

                                      Common features of HR software in Dubai include payroll processing, leave management, employee self-service portals, attendance tracking, recruitment management, performance appraisal, and compliance reporting.

                                      Q2: What is the typical cost of HR software in Dubai?

                                      The cost of HR and Payroll Software Providers in Dubai can vary depending on the provider and the features included. Some charge a per-user subscription fee, while others may have a one-time setup fee. Getting quotes from different providers is essential to determine the cost that fits your budget and requirements.

                                      Q3: What does HRMS do?

                                      HRMS (Human Resource Management System) software helps organizations manage HR functions efficiently, including employee data, payroll, and compliance.

                                      Q4: What is the best HR software in Dubai?

                                      The best HR software in UAE depends on your company’s needs and budget. Compare features, costs, and customer service. Request a demo and contact the software provider for personalized recommendations.

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