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HR Software in Dubai | Best 15 HR & Payroll Software UAE (2020)

Finding the right HR software in Dubai is an important yet time-consuming task. The right HR software for your company will have cloud-based, automating features that help you save company resources.

The right HR software should be flexible, user-friendly and safe to use. It should be easy to integrate with your legacy systems and have the capability to grow with your company. Implementing the right systems and software in your company will help you save a lot in time and revenue in the long term. However, where should you start?

To make it easier for you to find the right software for your company in Dubai, we’ve gathered the top 10 HR software in Dubai.

What is an HR Software?


HR software is a digital solution to manage and optimise the company’s daily HR tasks and helps the organisation grow.


HR software helps the Human resource departments to better allocate their resources and time into more productive and profitable efforts. HR software got popular in the 1944s for enterprise usage, today the technology has come further ahead. Most new-age HR software in Dubai are cloud-based, have optimising features and are highly customisable to an individual company’s needs.

What are the features that HR software provides?

Every company works on differentiating itself from other HR software and therefore has different USPs and features. However, there are a few common features you can expect out of all major modern HR software.


1. Securely stores and organizes employee data

2. Automates employee compliance or sets reminders

3. Gauges employee satisfaction

4. Automates pre-boarding, onboarding and offboarding

5. Integrates with third-party apps

6. Allows employees to track their time

7. Monitors data changes with audit trails

8. Creates workflows and tracks approvals

9. Produces custom reports

10. HR and Payroll Solution Management

You Can Check Out Our List of The Top 15 HR Software in Dubai:

1. Gulfhr

Integrate your employee attendance and performance with the payroll and other functions. Furthermore, this information can be accessed and worked on remotely.

The communication language can be completely set in Arabic, making it perfect for the employees in the UAE.


Gulf HR helps you be compliant with labour laws in the Middle East. Furthermore, it’s system is extremely flexible and allows the client to configure their system while a technical backup is on hand.


GulfHR has proven their reliance through their extensive client experience and by being the preferred HRMS  in the region.


Features Available

1. Automations available
2. Made in the Middle East
3. 10+ years of experience
4. Cloud-based option available
5. HR and Payroll Solution Management
6. Fit for small enterprises
7. Can be based on the web, mobile, hosted server and client-server


Contact Details:

Saudi Arabia: +966 56 1188331
Bahrain, Qatar: +973 175 40015
UAE, Oman: +971 4 4466308
Other: +973 175 40015

Email ID: sales@gulfsolution.com

Gulf HR - uae.startuphrtoolkit

2. Sage HRMS

SageHRMS helps you overcome HR challenges and optimise your HR decisions, strategies and more! SageHRMS provides you with an easy to use solution that is ready to grow with your business. The software helps you take strategic decisions for employee-related decisions. This helps your company have less turnover, see increased revenue and have better employee engagement. It provides services for payrolls, recruiting and management, time and attendance management, risk mitigation, employee benefits and decision support. It is truly suitable for medium to small-sized businesses.


Software Features

1. Automation of key processes
2. Cloud-based options available
3. Online real-time design
4. Secure processes
5. Universal calculation engine
6. Unlimited Earning, Deduction, Company Contribution, Fringe Benefit or Provision definitions
7. Unlimited employees and companies.
8. Unlimited hierarchical levels, pay period configurations and pay runs
9. Intuitive user interface
10. Payroll Solution Management
11. Runs on MS SQL server


Contact Details:

Email ID: company.secretary@sage.com

Saga - uae.startuphrtoolki

3. Paylite HRMS

Paylite HRMS is a centralised HR software. It has several unique features like multi-company setup with a multi-accounting period, employee loan accounting and integration with payroll, multi-level security for data and more. However, it is best known for its simplified functioning approach, localization and integration with NAV, Oracle, JD Edwards, SAP and several other popular ERP systems. They are available in Arabic and English interfaces. No wonder they are the number 1 choice in the GCC region. Thereby a top HR software in Dubai.


Software Features

1. UAE: WPS/SIF files
2. Available in Arabic
3. Can be based on Web, mobile or client-server
4. Add your own form and fields
5. Code-free architecture
6. HR and Payroll Solution Management
7. Leave and Loan Accounting
8. Fulfil GCC labour laws and can be customized to company-specific requirement


Contact Details:

Tellphone: – T +97144205486
Mobile: +971 529977195

Paylite - uae.startuphrtoolkit

4. Clear Company

Clear company is Talent management and ATS software. It claims to be the only platform that unifies Workforce Planning, Recruiting, Onboarding, and Performance Management. Bringing all HR tasks under one roof and on one platform. The company was originally called HRM direct, which was a pioneer in cloud-based talent management, however, its name has been changed to Clear Company.


Software Features

1. Available on desktops
2. Brings Panning, Recruiting, Onboarding and Performance Management on one platform
3. Great for small businesses
4. E-Verify, WOTC & Background Checks
5. Can be based on web, desktop or mobile


Contact Details:

Email ID: info@clearcompany.com

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HR Software in Dubai

HR Software in Dubai

5. ZenepalHR HRMS

 ZenepalHR is one of the top HR systems for small to medium-sized businesses.

Furthermore, it is localised for the middle east. Their cloud-based system offers features for employee management, onboarding, time-off tracking, and performance management. All of this is managed through an easy to use mobile app for the employees. ZenepalHr system also provides complex services like Document manager, Medi-claim manager, Gratuity, etc.


Software Features

1.Tasks Notifications
2.Easy Gratuity
3. Cloud-Based
4. Customisation available
5. Can be based on the web, desktop or mobile
6. HR and Payroll Solution Management
7. Supports the Arabic Language


Contact Details

Contact Form

Pricing – Starts with  499.00 AED per month

Zenepal - uae.startuphrtoolkit

6. Bayzat

Bayzat is an HR software in Dubai which provides a free automation platform for HR,  payroll and employee benefits. Found in 2013 their mission is to make world-class employee experience available to every small to medium-sized enterprise. The free online platform is designed to streamline and automate most major HR tasks. They believe that the opportunity lies in enhancing the employee experience. In 2019, they raised  $16 million in Series B funding led by Point72 Ventures and Mubadala Capitals. Bayzat was founded by entrepreneurs Talal Bayaa, Brian Habibi and Tarek Bayaa.


Software Features

1. HR and Payroll Solution Management
2. Cloud-Based
3. Customisation available
4. Can be based on the web, desktop or mobile
5. Great for freelancers, small business owners, SMEs, agencies and enterprises

bayzat - uae.startuphrtoolkit

7. Emirates HR

Another popular free to use HR platform is Emirates HR. It was designed specifically for the UAE and the GCC region. It is known for its cloud applications catering to the human resource department. The platform is created for small to medium-sized companies, educational institutes, government agencies and multinational entities. Their unique offering lies in the fact that they provide Benefits Management, Compensation Management, Onboarding, Payroll Management and Time Off Management all in one place. It is no wonder they are available in 30+ countries.


Software Features

1. Created for UAE and GCC
2. Free
3. Provides several services on one platform
4. HR and Payroll Solution Management
5. Benefits Management, Compensation Management, Onboarding, and Time Off Management
6. Fit for local, small and medium businesses


Contact Details:

Number: +971 4 436 1888

Email ID: info@emirateshr.com

Emirates HR - uae.startuphrtoolkit

8. FactsSHARP

FactsSharp is one of the top HR and payroll software in Dubai. They provide human resource solutions in Payroll Management, WPS Compliance, Wage Protection System and more. FACTS Computer Software House LLC provides solutions to improve workforce management and efficiency. They have a powerful reporting and intelligence tool embedded in their application.


Software Features

1. HR and Payroll Solution Management
2. Human Resource Management
3. Employee self-services and communication with employees.
4. Performance Management for the employees
5. Cloud Hosting options available
6. Customisation available
7. Can be based on the web, desktop or mobile
8. Open Source


Contact Details

Number: +971 4 3529915

Email IDinfo@facts.ae

HR Software in Dubai

9. Zeta software

Zeta is a software company which focuses on enterprise software ranging from ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to CRM and HRMS. One of their offices is in Dubai as it markets its solution through those local markets. Zeta offers services for accounting, payroll, CRM, HR, ERP. One of their notable products is ZetaHRMS which provides an all-in-one solution for complete workforce management. The company was founded in 1998 and is currently privately held.


Software Features

1. Created for UAE and the middle east
2. All in one software
3. HR and Payroll Management
4. Fit for small businesses
5. Cloud-Based


Contact Details:

Number: +971 55 7814450 / +971 55 7814450

Email ID: sales@zetamiddleeast.com

zeta Software - uae.startuphrtoolkit

10. Smart HR UAE

HRMS UAE is a software company which is known for its cloud-based HR software service. They claim to be “Middle East’s No. 1 HR Solution”. They provide advance HR and payroll services. They focus on customers in the UAE, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai. Few of their top services include Payroll outsource services, employee self-service and their HR management services.


Software Features

1. Created for UAE
2. Human Resource Management
3. Payroll Outsourcing solution
4. Employee self-service
5. Offices in three countries


Contact Details:

Number: – +971 4 2989164

Email ID –  info@smartcitysystems.com

hrms - Smart HR - uae.startuphrtoolkit

11. Bluesky HRMS

BlueSky automates tedious HR tasks in a simple and efficient module. It provides services to track and manage important employee details, leaves, shifts and payroll. Their HRMS provides shift management, attendance management, payroll and performance management, employee management and recruitment management.


Software Features

1. Supports mobile
2. Email Integration
3. HR and Payroll management
4. Data security
5. Deployment is cloud-based


Contact Details:

Numbers – +971 6 748 7105 /+971 50 577 0392

Email ID–  info@mailbluesky.com

HR Software in Dubai

12. Delicate Software

Delicate Software is an IT company based out of Dubai known for their user-friendly HR and Payroll software. Their cloud-based system provides solutions for all the major HR processes. They also provide 100+ reports of their HR management and payroll system. Their platform is created to help local businesses in the UAE.


Software Features

1. Cloud-based
2. Based in Dubai
3. Created for UAE
4. HR and Payroll management
5. Fit for small enterprises
6. Employee self-service
7. End of Service Calculation (EoS)
8. HR ready templates of letters
9. Attendance machine integration possible

Delicate - uae.startuphrtoolkit

13. Bemea  or Business Experts Gulf (BEG)

Bemea has been the leading business technology and solutions provider in the UAE for years. Since their establishment in 2007, they’ve been awarded as a Gold Microsoft Partnership, Business Experts Gulf excels in multi-site ERP and more.

Though they have varying solutions for business owners a popular service provided by them is the Microsoft Dynamics HRMS. Built on Microsoft Dynamics, it takes the features on the Microsoft Dynamics one step further. They allow customization and apply the UAE based compliances and rules to it. They’ve completed over 100+ implementations for local to middle-sized enterprises. With Microsoft, they are able to provide gold-standard services.


Software Features

1. Built on Microsoft Dynamics
2. Customisation available
3. Adapted for UAE
4. Compliances for the Middle East and Dubai
6. Fit for small enterprises
7. Can be based on the web, mobile, hosted server and client-server


Contact Details

Number: +971 (4) 4214909

Email IDinfo@bemea.com

bemea - uae.startuphrtoolkit

14. ACD software solution

They offer a wide range of HRMS and Payroll software specifically created based on the use case. They have HRMS software created to specifically cater to schools, projects and ex-pats. Furthermore, you can build a custom HRM to fit your needs. They provide all the necessary solutions for an HR like Attendance management, leave tracker, claims and expenses, loan management, employee directory, performance appraisal, etc.


Software Features

1. Created for the UAE and Dubai
2. Fit for small businesses
3. Enterprise-level automation
4. Fit for small enterprises
5. Payroll for students, enterprises and agencies


Contact Details:

Numbers: +9714-3993767 / +971-55-6763202 / +971-55-1076502

Email ID:  info@acduae.com / sales@acduae.com

HR Software in Dubai

15. Wolke Dubai

With the vision to enhance HR software in companies, Wolke created a strong HRMS for companies based in the middle east. It is an HR sIt seamlessly integrates solutions Time and attendance software, HRMS and Payroll. Wolke Dubai is one of the HR software in Dubai that is truly built for businesses in Dubai. However, it outsources payroll for its platform.


Software Features

1. Employee self-service
2. Created for the Middle East
3. Multi-Site and multi-currency options
4. Seamless integration with ERPs
5. Employee self-service
6. Onsite, Cloud-based, Mobile & Desktop solutions available


Contact Details:

Number: +971 4 4567 488 / +971 4 4567 242

Email ID:  info@wolke.ae

wolke - uae.startuphrtoolkit


In conclusion,

There you have it, top 10 HR software in Dubai. A list filled with several competing brands for your company. Understand the priorities for your company and then select the software that works the best for you. Building the right framework for the HR department of your company in the early days of it will save you time and effort.

Disclaimer – The information in this article has been provided based on each company’s websites and software suggest entry. from 10 July 2020.

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